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This blog will explain the benefits of rudraksha more deeply, such as benefits, health, the planet and others.




The Shivas Tear

The Eternal Bliss


Legend has it that Lord Shiva or Rudra Bhagwan had performed penance for 1000 years to restore humanity and peace on earth. After this severe penance when Lord Shiva opened his eyes some tears from compassion fell from his eyes. These tears grew into trees known as Rudraksha Trees.


Rudra is another name given to Lord Shiva and Aksha means ‘tears’. So the literal meaning from Rudraksha is ‘Lord Shiva Tears’.


The Rudraksha beads are the fruit from this Rudraksha Tree. The fruit is also known as ‘Amit Phal’ or ‘Fruit from Nectar’. It satisfies ones thirst.


Rudraksha” is the sanskrit and hindi name given by the followers from Lord Shiva. “Elaeocarpus ganitrus” is the scientific name given to the Rudraksha tree. It was first spotted in Indonesia. Around 70% the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia. The rest 30% are found in India, Nepal, Malaysia in the shastras or the holy scriptures from the Hindu the Rudraksha beads are 4 dived 4 categories.

  1. The white or Brahmana Bead
  2. The red or Ksatria Bead
  3. The yellow or the Vaishya Bead
  4. The black or the Shyam Bead
Source: http://rudraksha.id/rudraksha